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Confidence, Success & Impact in Vedic Astrology
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Taught Live January 1 and 2

Start 2022 the right way with renewed Confidence and focused on Success. 

We all want to be successful in life. Most of us measure success in a similar way, by doing the things we want and being well respected while we're doing it. 
In this class I'm going to focus on that level of success, worldly success, and overcoming the roadblocks to your success.

Astrology gives us a clear map to follow. All seven planets, and the nodal axis, are the direct channels to our true nature, our true genius.

Each personal astrology chart shows a distinct course of action that is going to lead you toward that higher path.

In this course we're going to explore the planets on that “meta level”. we will not just explore the sun as “confidence”, but we will explore “meta confidence”. With Mars we will not just explore “discipline”, we will explore “meta discipline”.

This is an important distinction. For example, with the typical level of confidence, which we get from the sun, it is simply the ability to do the things we've already done confidently. If you know how to drive, you are confident enough to get in the car and drive. But what if you haven't ever driven a car? Do you have the confidence to do it? What if you've never spoken in public? Do you have the confidence to do it?

Thus, what I call meta confidence is the confidence to get outside of your comfort zone and do things you haven't done before. It is that meta confidence that is going to lead to your success. The same is true with every planet. That is just the confidence of the Sun. But we have 9 planets and zodiac signs and more. They all exist on a "Meta Level" that leads to success or takes you away from it.

Once we unpack the specific scenarios that allow us to reach that level of “meta” level with each planet, we will then explore that with the Zodiac signs, then bring those together to show that unique path that each individual has.

Of course, we will also explore important houses and other Vedic frameworks.

I will be explaining certain aspects and qualities of planets and signs that I never have explained before. And you will hear all of these frameworks focused just on the goal of personal empowerment, leading to professional success.

I will be joined by Elise Devillier, a fellow student and astrologer. I think both Elise and I are uniquely qualified to teach this class, as we are both “self made success stories”.

Confidence, Success and Impact in Vedic Astrology - 47.00 - Plus a Live Q&A Class.
When: January 1 and 2 @10AM - 4PM Pacific Approx. (with break) Or at your convenience if you cannot attend in real time.
Lifetime Access to Recordings 
Where: Your Home. It is a Live Zoom Class
How Much: $47.00 (Social Distancing Discount)
You Get: 8-10 hours of live class. Audio, Electronic Manual, Lifetime Access, Discount for other Courses. 
Both of these classes reveal a deeper connection to the zodiac signs and how to see below the shallow surface.
These 2 classes are AVAILABLE NOW. wMake sure to wacth these and learn hidden qualities of the signs and connection to the sky.

You will learn:
  • The Zodiac – astronomy becoming the Signs and Houses (nailed together)
  • The magic number “12” (Signs, houses, months)
  • Planets as ruling signs and houses from every perspective
  • Interpretive similarities and difference between Signs and Houses
  • The planet, house and the other house it rules
  • All 12 Signs examined holistically
  • Dominant Bhava chapter in Parashara – Rules and Exceptions to rules.
  • Doing a reading just with planets in signs
  • Making predictions just with transits
  • Special attributes of Signs, like feet and size and more. 
Guest Faculty
Assisting and co-teaching will be Elise DeVilliers 
Students have gotten used to Classes where there’s a lively exchange between me and other teachers. Rather than it being a lecture, you will enjoy a dialogue where the material is talked about at a very deep level.

These conversations make it much easier to grasp the material. Not only are you hearing my presentation, but you also hear their questions, feedback and clarifications, based on their own practice and client work.

We also use our own charts as case studies, which further brings the material to life, so it is not just abstract concepts, you see everything put into practice.

Sam Geppi
Elise DeVilliers
TESTIMONIALS - from recent classes